Common company questions & things you should ask your future contractor:

*Minimum recommendations for our area with all circumstances considered

More Facts to Keep in Mind:

-As a minimum standard for fence installation, we have found schedule 20, 8' long post concreted at 2.5' deep with a 9
 footing, spaced at no more than 8' on center, will give you the best and longest-lasting quality. That also depends whether you are in a slow draining area or not.

-Whether you install two or three 2x4 treated pine runners, it is always best to install staggered splices within 12" of your post.

-We use #2 or better 6" cedar board to ensure the best quality.

-When dealing with 5/8"x6" western red cedar, beware that there are many imported boards that companies are calling cedar from China or Japan. These boards are inexpensive and no one knows the longevity of them in this Southern Louisiana climate.

-Keep in mind, 8' cedar fencing has different requirements. In the city of Lafayette, a permit is required to install. Minimum specifications are 2 3/8"x10.6" schedule 40 posts spaced at 6' on center with a 12" by 3' deep concrete footing and four horizontal 2x4 runners. These specifications have been approved for installation but are not a standard. Every project must be submitted for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does insulation really do?

A well-insulated home is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy while, also, helping to create an acoustically comfortable environment and more valuable home. Heat is a form of energy — it always seeks a cooler area — flowing outward in winter and inward in summer. By reducing heat flow, a properly insulated home uses less energy in winter for heating and less in summer for cooling. Insulation is also an excellent sound absorber. Proper insulation helps to reduce the transmission of sound from other rooms or from the outside. Sound transmission is noise that travels from room to room — or from home to home — such as jet flyovers, washers, dryers, heating and air conditioning systems, drum sets, TV’s, etc. Adding insulation to your home, adds value.

How do I know if my home has sufficient insulation?

Some indicators you do not have sufficient insulation are: hot or cold spots/rooms even though heat or a/c is running, home is built before 2000, insulation in attic is less than 10" high.

What does 'R Value' mean?

Insulation is identified and labeled by R-value. “R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

What areas of my home should be insulated?

Insulation is not just for ceilings and walls. There is an insulation for every conditioned and unconditioned space in your home. Consider insulating knee walls, perimeter of your slab, crawl spaces, etc.

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